Christian Finance Workbook

Christian Finance Workbook

America is in a crisis. It’s a crisis that affects us all. America’s financial crisis is actually a worldwide problem, but worst of all, it’s a personal crisis. This has caused problems for average Americans like you and I.

  • Personal saving levels have continually declined over recent years.
  • Marriages are lost because of financial problems.
  • Foreclosures are skyrocketing.
  • Personal and governmental debt is out of control.
  • Banks and financial institutions are failing.
  • An estimated 6.8 million people are unemployed.

It is clear that America must make some major changes related to finances. In the Bible a very telling scripture states:

Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything. – Ecclesiastes 10:19

Now, this doesn’t mean that money is the most important thing or that it will solve all of our problems. But, clearly, money issues affect most aspects of our lives, and God’s word confirms it.

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