Spiritual Harmony: That’s Where I Want to Be

Spiritual Harmony: That's Where I Want to Be

Spiritual Harmony is a singing trio that developed from the genius of Pastor Walter M. Brown, Jr. and Missionary Robin M. Phifer. The members of the group are Robin Phifer, Jacquelyn Phifer and Rasheeda Hawkins. Initially, the trio was to sing acappella and take advantage of the rich harmony that spawned the idea for the group.

However, musicians, Michael Ferguson and Omar Dickenson, helped Spiritual Harmony create music that showcased their unique voices. Seven of the songs on this CD were written by Missionary Phifer; the other two were modified to blend the harmony unique to Spiritual Harmony, and the lyrical message of the songs. Spiritual Harmony is sure to captivate the listening ear of all who appreciate rich harmony and contemporary gospel sounds.

available on iTunes


CD available on: iTunes.

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